Nizza's Bench (Panchina del Nizza) | Castelnuovo Belbo

Address: Regione Borghi, 14043 Castelnuovo Belbo AT, Italia

The Big Bench “Panchina del Nizza” was inaugurated on 27 October 2019 and financed by the owners of the Gran Canyon Country Pub in Castelnuovo Belbo.

The name “Panchina del Nizza” is a tribute to the excellent Barbera wine “Nizza Docg” of which Castelnuovo Belbo is part.

Next to the giant bench placed a barrique called "bibliobotte": in it are placed books in free exchange the formula “take a book, bring a book”.

The bench was positioned on a continuation of Regione Borghi, in Castelnuovo Belbo, called strada Piano.

From the bridge over the Belbo, in the town center, there are signs indicating the route to reach the giant bench.

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