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Castelnuovo Belbo civic library.

It is located on the second floor of the municipal building.

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Saturday, June 9, 2018, in Castelnuovo Belbo in the Municipal Palace on the second floor, the new municipal library Luigi Fenga was inaugurated.

Present for the occasion, in addition to a large audience, the president of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Asti Mario Sacco, the provincial councilor Marco Lovisolo, the vice dean of the Istituto Quattro Valli Patrizia Gallo, the conductor Marcello Rota, several local writers, mayors and municipal administrators.

The inauguration began with the ribbon cutting by the mayor Aldo Allineri with the various authorities present.

To moderate the meeting the city councilor Massimo Badino.

The first intervention was by the provincial councilor Marco Lovisolo who praised the initiative: “It is very important - said Lovisolo - in an era dedicated to the use of mobile phones, computers, iPad to open a new municipal library”.

The mayor Allineri then explained to the room the very ambitious project carried out by the city administration: “The project of this municipal administration to transfer the library that until yesterday was housed in the premises owned by Delponte Ezio, in front of the municipal square, it started in 2016, because having already received more than 4000 books from several private individuals, it was difficult to store them on the shelves. Admitting the call of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Asti last April, we were awarded 7,000.00 euros for the preparation and transfer of the new library.

Thanks to these funds we have been able to buy shelves, computers for inserting and cataloging books, a video surveillance system, stationery and a series of new books.

During the summer of 2017 thanks to our countryman, Mrs. Leone Teresa, I became aware that one of her cousins ​​from Genoa was looking for associations or individuals interested in the private collection of her partner, who was missing last year. At this point I thought of our library and asked to be able to put in contact with the lady in order to know how many books she owned. After telephone contacts she sent the list that also presented books of great value: I then proposed to Mrs. Bardi to take the whole collection.

We have chosen to name the library to Luigi Fenga on the indication of Caterina Bardi of Genoa, to whom he had left with a writing all his personal collection of more than 8000 books that you can now see exhibited in the rooms of our library. I would immediately give a big applause to the volunteers of the Municipal Civil Protection group of Castelnuovo Belbo that last September they set out to collect all these volumes in just three days on the third floor of a building in the center of Genoa.

A big thank you for the esteem and the commitment that has daily dedicated and continues to dedicate goes also to Mr. Danilo Gaveglio”.

The mayor Allineri continued his speech by thanking Mrs. Caterina Bardi, who for health reasons could not intervene at the inauguration but wrote the words read by the mayor and that are listed below: “I'm glad that the name Luigi Fenga is associated with a place of civil and cultural growth like a library. I am happy because the city has placed this library in a beautiful municipal building giving prestige”.

Allineri then concluded his speech by specifying: “The goal is that the library becomes a center of cultural promotion so that reading is not just an individual moment but also a means of aggregation for the sharing of ideas.

In all the rooms there is a Wi-Fi connection: this also allows students to be an ideal place to do text searches.

Thanks to an agreement signed as municipal administration with the Biblioteca Astense of Asti we can also have links for the exchange of texts and discounts for the purchase of books in bookstores.

Currently, 1700 books of the 13000 books on the shelves are cataloged.

With the school-work alternation, this summer the students of the Liceo Pellati of Nizza Monferrato and of the Liceo Artistico Parodi of Acqui Terme will complete the cataloging of the books, also available via the web.

In a computer-dominated society, opening a library is not out of time because books are essential for access to culture”.

Subsequently, the librarian Danilo Gaveglio took the floor and thanked the municipal administration and the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Asti for having built the new structure.

The President of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Asti, Mario Sacco, in congratulating the Mayor and the municipal administration for being very active in various cultural, social and tourist projects, confirmed the Foundation's interest in financially supporting the initiatives in order to arrive to their realization.

The meeting ended with the offer to the participants of a rich buffet aperitif prepared and served by the Bar Tavola Calda Dei Lovi in Castelnuovo Belbo.

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